About us

Zigna is a Copenhagen based Real Estate photography service - with a presence in USA, Denmark, Germany and Thailand. We provide real estate agents access to a
platform from where they can book and produce the content they need for their online listings and advertise on social media.

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We started from the bottom, literally…

Zigna was founded in 2014 by Jesper Lundsgaard Hansen and Nicolai Jacob Afseus. It all started in a small and unbelievably warm basement as a very simple business model: offering Danish realtors professional photography services, in order to make their lives much easier.

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…then we slowly started growing

While time passed, Jesper and Nicolai realised that they needed help in order to achieve their goals. They found a few more dedicated people to join the cause and a growing team required a bigger working space.

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Dreaming big is the way to go

Five years of activity on the Danish market have passed and we started realizing that there is so much more to offer our realtors, not only in Denmark, but also in USA, Germany, Thailand - and other countries down the road.

Of course, for that to happen, we had to find even more grey matter to join our team and more room for it to fit, so we moved our office again.

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Dreaming big also involves hard work

We very often encounter difficult problems that require a lot of effort and hard work, but we are native problem solvers and extra mile runners, so we always figure out ways to make our customers happy.

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But we also find the time to have fun

We are a very open minded team and we are very comfortable with each other, since we have been working together for a while now. Because of that, we afford having fun and going crazy every now and then.

Don’t get us wrong, we perfectly understand what professionalism is, but we are working so much more effectively when we also have fun.

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We are ‘hands-on’ kind of people

Move a table, set the table, build a table, build marketing tools for real estate agents; we are always ready to get on it. We love getting things done and nothing can stop us from doing it.

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We’ve lost the personnel count

Bright minds keep coming and coming and they don’t stop. Don’t worry, we don’t mind. We are people united by the same mission, to help real estate agents achieve greatness. The more people we have on our side, the easiest our mission becomes, so don’t be afraid, come join us!

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Let’s build great things together!

No matter how big the team is or how big we are dreaming, we will never be able to reach our goals without You. We don’t only love our realtors, but we need our realtors. We refuse to work for each other, because we want to work together instead. Stand by us and you will not be let down.