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Mar 31, 2021

10 Tips For Stunning DIY Real Estate Photos

Let’s be honest. Taking your own real estate photos is risky. Chances are you’re not a professional photographer, don’t have amazing gear, and well, real estate photography is not as easy as it looks.

But hence you are reading this article, you’ve probably already made up your mind and want to learn a thing or two about great real estate photography. So after talking to some of our real estate photographers we have gathered a few tips for you:

  1. Don’t show too much.

Sometimes less is more. For instance, if the floor plan isn’t ideal, show individual spaces. The goal is to get buyers into the home. Let them decide when they get there whether they want to make any compromises the property may entail.

  1. Invest in Wide angle lens

A wide angle lens is a must-have for shooting interiors, but most of the ultra-wide range zoom lenses run well over $1,000. Unless you are shooting the Taj Mahal, this isn’t necessary. A 24mm wide angle can do the trick to help ‘open up’ rooms, and they won’t break your bank account.

  1. Get Your Lighting Right

Make sure the sun is on the front of the house. Your cell phone camera is good, but you lose the details when homes are backlit.

  1. Decluster before you start shooting

Some things may look great in person but are very different in photos. One advice is to clear everything off counters and leave minimal decor for the professional photos. It may look plain, but it will really make the home shine in the photos. For over 93% of homebuyers, the first showing is online and the photos are what make them decide whether or not to schedule a time to view it in person.

  1. Pay attention to the details

Pay attention to the details! There is nothing worse than a fabulous home photo with a crumpled, crooked bedspread or an open, dirty toilet! Put away toiletries, straighten bedclothes, and always look over the photos for small details that will turn off a potential buyer.

  1. Hire a professional photographer

Even though it’s possible to take your own real estate photos we still recommend hiring a professional photographer. They know the importance of light and how to capture a space at the right time for the highest visual impact. In our digital, mobile world, professional photographs have the ability to stop the consumer from scrolling through listings. Beautiful photos capture attention and get people to click through. Being able to get and keep the consumers attention is highly valuable in our instant-gratification world.

If you need help with real estate photos. At Zigna we can help you get started and achieve the photos you dream about. Reach out today to set up an appointment.

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