Mar 31, 2021

How to be ahead of the fast-food chain game

Even with growing focus on eating healthy, the fast-food industry generates more than US $570 billion per year. Even with all the criticism in regards to health benefits, the number of fast-food restaurants only keeps growing. Fast-food chains, such as Burger King, Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut, spend more on digital advertising than the entire healthcare industry. Digital marketing is key if you want to keep up the desired sales numbers. Below are a few digital marketing strategies that will drive your sales and put you ahead of the competition.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

According to BrandBastion, 79.8 percent of positive comments were about creative ads of the chains rather than the menus. If you want to stand out, a creative campaign is important rather than promoting a new product or menu.

  1. Advertise your chain with great photos

If you want to succeed in food campaigns, food styling is necessary. Food stylists are able to make your dishes look perfect, encouraging people to buy into the photos. Online customers can’t smell the food, so they need to be able to ‘taste’ the food with their eyes first. According to Grubhub, adding professionally taken photos guarantees to raise your sales by at least 30%.

At Zigna we can help you with professional photos. Our platform makes it fast and easy to book a photo shoot and receive ready to upload photos in 24 hours. Please reach out today to learn more.

  1. Have a mobile on-the-go service

“Mobile devices are responsible for 71% of digital traffic in the US alone” The industry’s use of mobile marketing has grown exponentially over the last decade. Statistics show that people check their smartphones on average at least 150 times a day. You can never make it too easy for the customers to find you. A mobile app could be a useful tool as the customers could order, see the process of the order and track the delivery. Food chains should only continue to invest in mobile services, as customers will continue to rely more on portable devices due to their convenience.

  1. Use social media to your advantage

Regardless of your image and values, staying active on social media is essential and key in receiving great reactions online. Spreading the word on social media doesn’t mean immediate financial benefits. Instead your brand will:

Raise brand awareness

Improve Reputation

Bring long-term benefits

It’s important to stay active and in the know on social media. Negative reviews can influence revenue, so keep up to date with your clients through social media.

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