Mar 31, 2021

Tips on how to use Instagram to sell food

If there’s one type of content there has been posting on Instagram since it’s creation in 2010 it’s food pictures. There are more than 419 million posts on Instagram tagged #food. 

Every restaurant owner knows that the number one thing you need is customers, and customers love to look at their food in advance. According to The Independent, millennials spend 5 days a year looking at food on Instagram, and 30% say they would avoid a restaurant with a weak Instagram presence. 

If you are struggling on how to use Instagram for your restaurant read along as we’ve shared a few tips below. 

  1. Keep posts on a regular basis

It’s important to keep a consistent flow of content so your followers know you are there and active and you want to engage with them. By looking at Instagram insights you are able to find out when your followers are online and you can schedule your posts based on that information. 

Try different times and see what works best with our audience. 

  1. Hashtags

Maybe you think hashtags don’t make a difference but they do. A wide range of hashtags open up your posts to a wider, international audience.

It’s wise to choose a selection of words, a phrase, or just key points that will be most likely to be searched by your target audience. 

When creating hashtags it’s important to get specific. If you get too vague you can easily end up right in the backdrop of millions of other posts. 

  1. Stories

Stories are a feature that you can’t overlook. You might think that posting on the feed is the single most important thing and you don’t need to post on the feed. But stories are key to stay timely and authentic to your audience. 

Stories don’t only make sure you’re always at the top of someone’s newsfeed: they also work as fantastic advertising about what your restaurant’s up to, free of charge. So the advice is to combine the feed and the stories in order to reach your followers and engage them in an effective manner. 

  1. Quality photos

This one is super important. You absolutely don’t want to be taking all of your photo content on your phone using the Instagram app. The lighting and quality when using the app is not great and the whole purpose of using Instagram is to make it look appetizing. 

Grainy, askey photos that show the food in low light won’t get you anywhere. 

The way to quality photos is take photos on your phone and edit it yourself using apps, or use a DSLR camera and photographer. You want to work on the angles of the food to show it in the best light. It can be quite complicated so we recommend using professional photographers for your photos. 

If you want to hear more about how you can get beautiful photos of your food or other products, we here at Zigna can help you easily and fast. Set up a call today here 

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