Mar 31, 2021

Visual Food Trends

We eat with our eyes. And if the sheer amount of photos of food that appear in our magazines, cookbooks, journals, and on our screens tells us anything, this has never been more true.

Food photography has been around since the 1840s, but the recent surge of interest in food over the past few years has tipped #foodporn into mass culture. Below we will highlight a few food visual tendencies that are trending right now.  

  1. Add some color to your food photos

And with this we don’t mean changing the colors on your photos. It’s always recommended to keep the colors as realistic as possible to give the most accurate image.

But a trend right now is to add colors to your dishes. As people are eating healthier around the world, a rising trend is more colorful plates as healthy

A trend right now is adding color to your dishes. People are eating healthier than ever, and an unspoken rule is that the more color your plate has, the healthier it is. So it’s recommended to add some colorful ingredients or other accessories like napkins, green garnishes, or a contrasting colorful plate that will catch your eyes.

  1. Capture the texture of your surroundings and ingredients

A new trend that’s rising alongside the quality of our phones and computer screens, is the focus on details. We are seeing more and more food photos that pay attention to the details like the ingredients and e.g. the table which the food is placed on.  It’s not only about what’s on the plate but also adding details about which ingredients were used and if there’s a pretty marble table to put the plate on.

While these trends are important to think about when shooting food photos it’s easier said than done. At Zigna we have professional photographers which are experienced in food shots. Reach out if you want to know how we can help.

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