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Mar 31, 2021

Why invest in drone photography for real estate marketing

The world of real estate marketing is changing. New developments, new markets, and new technologies are being seen across the industry.

The internet is playing a huge role in selling homes, with buyers viewing full galleries of pictures before determining if they want to see a home in person. From virtual tours to dozens of photos depicting property layouts and detailed fixtures, the buyer has a clear idea of what the home is like before they see it. According to the Wall Street Journal, people who are looking for new homes spend roughly 60% of their time on a realtor’s images.

Real estate drone photography gives potential buyers one more perspective on the property. For homes in which the neighborhood, surrounding woods or water feature is a selling point, these photos can go a long way in helping sell the property.

Experts have already found 83% of clients prefer to work with agents using drones

When buyers can view the entire property, including aerial views, they are more likely to come and see it in person. This means the home sells faster and for a higher price.

Real estate is a competitive business, and many realtors find that the real estate drone photography creates a differentiator that helps set their agency apart in terms of quality, innovation and focus on selling. Investing in drone photography helps show the realtor cares enough about the sales process to take the extra step showing the aerial view.

There are many ways to utilize drone photography. At Zigna we have super professional photographers who are able to deliver quality aerial photography that will help sell your property faster. Reach out today.

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