Mar 31, 2021

Why you should use professional photos for your online store

Professional photography is often seen as expendable. Whether you are a  startup or an established brand revamping your online store, the cost of professional photography might make you wonder if you can get by without. 

You might be thinking whether you could just take the pictures yourself or use stock photos. 

You can’t.

No matter how big or small your business is, who your customers are, or what you are selling, high quality photos are an important asset that will help your overall branding and success.  

According to a Weebly research, over 75% of eCommerce shoppers say product pictures are very influential when they're deciding whether they want to buy a product online. For many shoppers a product picture really says more than a thousand words: “If I can’t see it, I cannot make a decision about it”

When creating eCommerce photos multiple camera angles are the most influential in helping shoppers make buying decisions. Shoppers also find close-ups, distance shots, and photo resolution influential in a purchasing decision.  

In fact, 22% of online product returns are because the ordered items look different than in the photos. Furthermore, customers say that the ability to see what they are buying enables them to make better purchasing decisions.

At Zigna we can become your eCommerce photography partner. We make it easy to order your professional photos and we deliver finished pictures ready to upload. Please reach out today to see how we can help you.

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