Get more showings and sales with styling

Whether it's a single room or an entire property, our professional stylists will move out to provide the makeover that's needed.


From recommendations to full-makeover stylings

Full Styling

With this product, our stylist will provide a full styling of the room(s) complete with furnishings and decorative elements. Our stylists will provide different suggestions for styling in collaboration with you or your clients

Photo styling

This is a lighter variant where the property just needs a touch up. Our stylists will ensure everything is presented from its best side. Small items will be brought and our stylists will ensure to declutter to make sure the property looks clean, inviting and presentable.


This is where our stylists visit you or the home owner to provide recommendations for things they can do to optimize for a sale

Sales optimization report

10 tips for how the home can be optimized for a quicker sale

Focus on target audiences

Practical advice the home owner can carry out

More extensive recommendations such as renovations, etc.